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Word Squares app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 7262 ratings )
Games Entertainment Puzzle Word
Developer: Imangi Studios, LLC
Current version: 1.2, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 07 Oct 2008
App size: 2.21 Mb

Imangi Word Squares is like playing Sudoku with letters and words instead of numbers. Just unscramble each square so that all rows and columns form valid words!


-Over 1000 hand-selected unique puzzles
-4 difficulty levels consisting of 3x3 to 6x6 squares
-Adjustable hint settings

We hope you enjoy our take on this classic puzzler!

Pros and cons of Word Squares app for iPhone and iPad

Word Squares app good for

Very well done!! This is a great way to kill time and challenge yourself. Great job.
I love word puzzles and Word Squares is one of my favourites on my iPod touch. Its such a simple concept, but its done really nicely. Its one of the games that I come back to again and again when I want a short word puzzle fix.
The design is not nearly as strong as in Imangi, but its still interesting. Its definitely worth a dollar. Just know theres no scoring or leaderboards. Its just a collection of puzzles that you solve at your own pace. Enjoyable game, though its missing that addictive quality that score-based word games tend to have.
This is a fun word puzzle and is absolutely worth buying for 99 cents. I would have to say, though, that I dont think it would warrant a higher price tag, unless the developer continues to add new puzzles all the time.
Great Game, Great Job Imangi!!! There are a few companies that know how to create iphone games well, Imangi is one of them!
This is another word game. If you enjoy crossword puzzles then I think you will like this one too. I like the game, but my single complaint is that the game itself doesnt do medium levels of difficulty so well. I think the game is either too easy or hard, depending on the difficulty level selected.

Some bad moments

I would like this game if it wouldnt close before I can play....
Would be fun if it would let you play a game. The game kicks you out when you try to pick the size you want to play. No matter what size you pick to play…it only allows pthe 3x3 board.
Im addicted to sudoku so I though this would be fun.. but I wasted my money.. not anything like sudoku.
This is a good game but it could be better. The expert mode is pretty repetitive and easy while the hard can sometimes be more difficult (I.e. Time consuming). Still well done and a fun game. Updates to expand the puzzles would be great plus more control over preferences and it is a five star game.
I actually enjoyed the lite version of this game more than the full game for two reasons: 1) the lite version plays like an ongoing challenge. Finish a puzzle and you get another harder puzzle to work on. 2) the lite version features more smaller squares, which is better, sadly, than playing the levels with many squares. Why is this? Because the bigger puzzles tend to put the same words across as they put down, so its easier to guess the answer. This game is pretty, but as a word challenge it is seriously lacking.
This game is too easy using the same words across and vertically isnt challenging. And the same words are used over and over in back-to-back puzzles. Once you learn the programs limited vocabulary, all the puzzles are super easy.